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A new Year of Harp 

I have to admit that I am madly in love with my harps. Playing the harp lets me not only express myself but also bring a lot of love and beauty to the world. There's something about the way my fingers touch the strings and the way the string vibrates that makes me feel really alive and happy. 

I am working on my sound as sometimes i get buzzes and rattles (mostly from travelling) and the sound can get a little messy at times. I got myself a few pedals last year and by far my favourite one is by Earthquaker devices and is called the Afterneath. It gives the harp a real shimmery sound and sort of sounds like there is a keyboard in the background. It definately adds some depth to our sound. 

Some of the levers on my favourite harp The Camac Aziliz are rattly so i will be heading to local luthier David Gerard for some repair work.

I am alway experimenting with new techniques. I like to borrow from guitarists as there is so much interesting stuff out there and to be honest I find harp videos to be pretty boring.

I am now offering lessons too and I am super excited to be helping people on their musical journeys.

I am working on a song for my friend Kristen who recently passed. It is a song of hope and gratitude for a beautiful life lived. I will post snippets of it as it is coming along.



Summer Update 

The birds are singing, the sun is shining (finally), and summer is in full swing. Summers are very busy here in Alaska, as any Alaskan knows well. So, if you've found a moment to spare, to sit and read this, let me offer you our sincerest thanks. We too are busy, traveling up and down the Kenai peninsula and beyond. Weekdays are filled up by work, by practice, by lawn and garden, by a whole list of tasks and projects, haphazardly taken on in a time when our aspirations extended far beyond the real hours available to us in a day. Its a bit maddening at times, the summer push, to do, to live and experience all the sweet stuff that makes our long winters a welcomed reprieve when they come. That said we DO love it! We love soaking up our many hours on the road, those setting up and breaking down our gear, the inconsistent eating schedules, the many different places that we lay our heads for the night. It all has its challenges, but we  love it because its all a part of us doing what we love most, sharing our hearts and our music with so many beautiful people. Every smile, every word of gratitude and appreciation, every person silently enjoying the sounds that we make so joyfully, they all fill our cups and keep us going, keep us in the crazy flow of life. So if you have been a part of that this summer, whether we've met you or not, whether we've exchanged a passing glance, a smile, or if our paths will cross further down the road, we truly thank you. It's an honor, the greatest gift to share our music with you all. We truly believe that music is more than the notes that we sing, or the chords that we play. Music is what we create when we share in each others presence, and when we enjoy the beauty and sweetness of life together. So, thank you for being a part of the symphony and helping us create the soundtrack of Summer 2023! <3

Alaska Folk Fest Juneau 

Wow what an amazing time we had in Juneau Alaska!

We didn't know what to expect upon arrival. The scenery is jaw dropping and it has a real downtown!!!

We got to play at The Crystal Saloon, a beautiful bar with a crowd hungry for music, we felt so welcomed and supported. The Griz also welcomed our music as did The Rookery.

We got to hike to the Mendenhall Glacier and the falls and even did some cold plunging (Josh won the award for longest time in the frigid waters). 

The best thing of all was the huge outpouring of love and support we received from the people of Juneau. We can't wait to go back . I am going to plan a tour of SE Alaska so stay tuned!

New Year 

Our calendar is beginning to fill up with gigs and we are both really excited about playing music  in new and beautiful places. Our goal is to reach more people and to grow our fan/friend base.

It is a new moon today and last nights snow is glimmering in the sun, the birds are singing and i am filled with a sense of awe and wonder. Life is good.  Alaska is beginning to wake up from it's winter slumber and I also feel like I am filled with a new energy.

Lots of new songs are bubbling up from the depths and I am excited about new music, new adventures, deeper love and what 2023 will bring.

Much love 



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